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Coinmaster is the name of a popular mobile game that allows players to build their own village and attack other players' villages. The game is free to play, but players can purchase virtual coins and spins to speed up their progress. It is almost purely luck based, with the only skill being in how you spend your coins and spins. I wanted to see if I could create a bot that could play the game for me.

Tools Used


Creating the Bot

The game was available in the browser via facebook initially, which made it easy to capture the traffic and reverse engineer the API with fiddler. I then created a python bot that could play the game, which was quite straigt forward. The bot played a strategy where it would only spin when the spinns were full, or when it had atleast one missing shield. This strategy was quite effective (although nothing extraordinary), and the bot was able to play the game for me for a long time.

Here is the result of letting the bot play for a few days:

My account shortly after making the bot. At this point I only had 631 stars, which isn't that good.

Here is the main loop of the bot, which would run indefinitely until I stopped it manually:

while 1:

    # Check if login bonus is unclaimed
    if not CoinMaster.login_bonus["claimed"]:
        # Collect the login bonus

        # Check is daily bonus is available
    if CoinMaster.time_to_daily_bonus == 0:
        # Collect the daily bonus

    # Claim all chests from generic rewards
    for reward in CoinMaster.generic_rewards:
        reward_UID = reward['id']
        chest_type = reward['subType']

        # Claim the reward from the server
        CoinMaster.claim_generic_reward(reward_UID)'Opened {chest_type}')

        # Log all rewards received from chest
        for prize in reward['content']:
            # Prize reward amount is number if int, else the length of all contents in list
            reward_amount = prize['value'] if isinstance(
                prize['value'], int) else len(prize['value'])
            reward_type = prize['type']
  '{reward_amount} {reward_type} claimed')

        # Claim all free coins from offers
    for message in CoinMaster.messages:
        if (
            "data" in message
            and "reward" in message["data"]
            if "VQ_ENTRY_REWARD" in message["data"]["collectUrl"]:
                if 'viking_quest' not in CoinMaster.active_events:


            for reward_type in message["data"]["reward"]:
                    f'Used offer for {human_format(message["data"]["reward"][reward_type])} {reward_type}'


    # Check if upgrade/fix is buyable

As you see its quite simple, although I would add more features as I went along. The bot would claim all free coins and spins, and would also claim all chests from the generic rewards. It would also claim the daily bonus and the login bonus, and would automatically upgrade the village when possible. The bot would also attack other players when possible, and would buy shields when needed.

I tracked the progress of the bot by logging all actions. I also recorded the amount of coins and spins I had, as well as the amount of stars I had. I would then plot this data to see how the bot was doing for later analysis, in the hopes of finding better strategies.

Generic Reward Bug

After having the bot play for almost a year, the bot suddenly started generating enourmous amounts of spinns. As it turned out, there was a discrepancy between how my bot claimed the generic rewards, and how the game client did it. The bot would try to reclaim the rewards in an infinite loop, which would generate far more spinns than should be possible.

Console output from bot after discovering exploit. "Used offer for 2k spinns" message means it used the bug.

It quickly got out of control, and soon I had to slow the bot down to prevent if from generating too many spinns. I was able to generate millions of spinns in a day, and quickly rose to the top of the leaderboard. I believe I had the most spinns out of all players in the game, peaking at a bit over 100 million spinns. For reference, this would be arund $3,000,000 worth of spinns if you were to buy them from the in-game store.

The account at its peak, being one of the highest ranked accounts (3rd i think) on the Swedish leaderboard, with 103 million spinns left to use.
Statistics from the bot after exploit was found. Note how the village level rises quickly in the end.

At the end of this graph, you can see how the village level rises quickly, before largely stopping and coins increasing instead. This is because the bots strategy would change from upgrading the village as soon as it could (which made me fly up the global leaderboard), to hoarding cash instead in an attempt to avoid getting noticed.

As a side note: In total, my account spun a bit over 300 thousand times. It would take an incredibly long time to spin 100 million times more. Even if you were to spin 10 times a second, it would take you well over 3 months of continuous 24/7 spinning to reach that number.

Shadow Ban

Sadly, the game developers patched the bug after a few days. My account became shadow banned, meaning I couldn't interact with other players, and although I was able to keep the spinns they were almost useless as they stopped generating coins. I contacted support for information on what had happened, and offered to provide insight on how the bot worked, but my message was disregarded and would never reach the developer team. This concluded my time with Coinmaster.

A New Hope?

As I logged in to the game when writing this article, I noticed that I was not shadow banned anymore. I was able to interact with other players, and my spinns were generating coins again.

Current account status. Maybe the someone secretly unbanned me after my email? :)

The game has changed a lot since I last played, and I am not sure if the bot would work anymore. If I ever decide to spend the time, I might go back to this project and see if I can make the bot work again. Unless the developers have added some kind of anti-bot measures, I think it should be possible to make the bot work quite easily again.