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AutoFort is the first program I developed, utilizing AutoIt to automate gameplay in the video game Fortnite. It is designed to play the game like a human player, except it does not engage in combat with enemies. Instead, it focuses on actions that accumulate experience points (XP) over time, offering a passive way to advance in the game.

Tools Used



AutoFort is structured as a suite of separate programs, each handling different tasks. This design choice was necessitated by AutoIt's lack of support for multithreading.


The operation of AutoFort follows a sequential workflow:


AutoFort comes equipped with several key features:


I dedicated about a year to developing AutoFort, during which I gained substantial experience in software development, product delivery, and customer support. The project was not only a significant learning experience but also a modest commercial success. AutoFort was initially sold for $4 per license key, providing a financial return on my investment in its development.

Here is the very clickbaity video made for AutoFort on youtube, where you can see a bit about how it played:

If I remember correctly the game in the video was not cherry-picked, it really did perform quite well in general.